Cornell's Irish Pub

229 Hayden Rowe Street

Hopkinton, MA 01748


     The Test of Time

     Cornellís has been a social landmark in Hopkinton since itís founding in 1964.
     Still going strong over 40 years later, the atmosphere and patrons are as lively and interesting as ever.
     Itís a place where old and young, native and newcomer and perhaps famous and infamous all congregate to enjoy burgers, sandwiches and drinks.
      Cornellís also has an extensive list of appetizers to enjoy whether youíre watching a game or catching up with friends and neighbors.
     If you are a sports player or fan, Cornellís is the place to be. The two fields out back beckon teams and fans of many sports.
     Cornellís is a warm and welcoming spot for the family on the go, a crew of friends out on the town, or just a lone soul in search of good company and great times.


Fresh and Delicious

     Enjoy a mouth-watering world-class cheeseburger made with the finest and freshest beef available, pampered until it is cooked to your exact specifications, and then nestled in a freshly cooked bun, covered with a slice of creamy cheese, sweet onion, tomato, and fresh Boston lettuce, in a basket overflowing  with a generous serving of crispy fries .

     If real pizza is your favorite, try a slice and see if you can get a better pizza in New York City, because that's where this recipe ó and pizza system ó was born. Then bring a whole one home for the entire family.

     Or, get acquainted with a list of other fine sandwiches or appetizers ó and on those very special days, home-cooked corned beef and cabbage, turkey, or pasta.


Check out the New Menu which includes:
New Appetizers, Sandwiches, Paninis, Seafood and a Kids Menu for under $5.00

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Cornell's Irish Pub Menu

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Please by advised that fresh fish is only available on Fridays but you can have
fish and chips every day.

Sports Fans
     Enjoy your favorite sports or shows on one of several large-screen hi-def plasma televisions that are strategically located, so there are no "obstructed views" at this location.

     Relax at the spacious bar with beers from all over the world ó and from the local breweries  too!

     Spirits from around the world, as well as aprŤs dinner liqueurs, are also available for the most discriminating tastes.

     If fine wine, chosen personally by owners Ellen and Colm Scanlon is your preference, they are available chilled or at room temperature served in a sparkling goblet to complement your freshly cooked selection from the pub menu.




Key West may be where you want to be part of the year, but when the weather's nice, stop by our outdoor room and enjoy a tropical drink to put you in the mood; and if you are so inclined and connected, break out a Havana and enjoy the clean air.


Don't worry about missing anything, because there is a minimum of two televisions in this room, too.


So grab a burger from the bar, a chilled mixed drink, and relax under the shade of a parasol at one of several tables set up for your convenience.


And don't forget the lime!





Just Like Home

So grab a burger from the bar, a chilled mixed drink, and relax under the shade of a parasol at one of several tables set up for your convenience.
Ellen and Colm Scanlon know what it is like to have a home away from home after running Scanlon's Pub in Ireland, where people attended like a standard social event, bringing their families and children.

And being parents of two school-age children, the Scanlon believe in giving to the schools and expect to set aside a noticeable part of their pub's proceeds for scholastic benefits.


Free Function Room

Parties over 20 guests receive free pizza, table clothes, plates, snacks and napkins. Have your party in our cozy and warm function room any time of year. And even if you're not having a party, feel free to visit anytime, and bring the kids, too, especially during December, to see our special and growing holiday display.